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Why Teach on SkillXplore?

SkillXplore is the Largest & Finest E-Learning Platform for Competitive Exam’s around the World. SkillXplore is the Best Competitive Exam Training Provider in Asian, European and Middle East Countries. When You Help Others along with Your Xpertise, It’s Rewarding in More Ways than One. By Teaching on SkillXplore, You Can Grow Your Online Following, Give Back, and Earn More Money. Top Earning Teachers or a Trainer, Instructors of SkillXplore Makes $100,000+ Per Annum.

SkillXplore teachers are real working creative’s and expert’s eager to share their expertise in their respective fields. Are you an experienced creative pro with great tips, techniques and skills to demonstrate, come join hands with SkillXplore, where we provide extensive suite of resources and responsive support to help you create classes that inspire.

Who Can Teach on SkillXplore?

SkillXplore Teachers are Working Professionals, Experts, and Subject Matter Enthusiasts. But as long as your class adheres to our Class Guide Lines it can be published on SkillXplore. Your Course can be Published Free of Cost.

Earn Money

Earn Money Every Time a Student Purchases Your Course. Get paid monthly either through PayPal or Account. Choice is Your’s. Commission [70/30 Sharing Policy] [70 = Faculty 30 = SkillXplore]

Inspire Students

Help Students Crack their Competitive Exam; Enrich their Careers, and Xplore their Opportunities by Sharing Your Xpertise.

Join Our Community

Make Use or Utilize or Talk to of Our SkillXplore Consultants Services to help you through Your Course Creation Process.

Envision Your Success

Plan Your Course

You start with your Xpertise. Choose an Exam Category and Discipline. Record your lectures in Zoom Recording / Camera with Power Point Presentation.

You get to teach the way you want — even create courses in multiple languages and inspire more students.

Reach out

Create Quizzes, Exercises, and Assignments to Build Interactive Sessions. Write Welcome Messages for Your Students and Answer their Questions. Because SkillXplore students don’t just watch, they do.

How we help you

SkillXplore provide all the tools for Messaging, Q&A’s, Course announcements, and Quizzes, all in one place all under one roof. SkillXplore offers free Consultation on how to build your own course in each step. Plus, our instructor dashboard and curriculum pages help keep you on track. Track your earnings from the live dashboard. In this Live Dashboard, You Can Know How Many Students Enrolled Your Course, what is the total Amount and what’s your Commission For each Course with Detailed Results?

Record Your Video

Record Your Course on Zoom / Camera with Power Point Presentation. (High Video Quality and Audio Quality Using With Digital Tap and Pen)

How we help you

Our support team is available to help and offers free Consultation and review of your Courses.

Launch Your Course

Launch Your Course on SkillXplore Successfully. Start Earning & Start Growing

Make Your Global Presence with SkillXplore

Start Earning

SkillXplore operates under a subscription model, which means that students subscribe Your Course, which includes unlimited access. We reward teachers for Each Subscription course purchased.

How Earning Works
  • Earn Money Every Time a Student Purchases Your Course. Get paid monthly through PayPal or Account, Choice is Your’s. Commission [70/30 Sharing Policy] [70 = Faculty 30 = SkillXplore]

  • Earn Referrals Premium: you will be paid $10 for every student Subscription you bring to SkillXplore that signs up for Your Course.People who sign up through your referral won't be charged anything for one month. You'll receive your bonus once they sign up. You can view your referral history on the Dashboard within your Profile Settings. Your referral link can be found within the Promote section of your classes.

  • Earn Premium Incentives: Earn Incentives based on the number of Subscription for Your Courses on every month.

Our top teachers make over $100,000 a year!!! In this section, learn everything you need to start earning money by teaching on SkillXplore.

We're here to help

Our Instructor Support Team is here for your assistance 24/7 to help you through your course creation needs. This community group is always on, always there, and always helpful.

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Join the World’s Largest Online Learning MarketPlace for Competitive Exams to Make a Real Difference in Students' Lives and Earn Money Working from the Comfort of Your Home.

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How long does it take to get listed on SkillXplore?

The process of getting listed on SkillXplore is extremely simple and quick. You just need to Discuss about the Course with Details and provide a teaching demo to Our SkillXplore Experts. On an average the entire process can be completed within three days.

Do I need to pay anything to launch a Course on SkillXplore?

No. Your Course Can be Published Free of Cost.

What kinds of Competitive Exam are offered at SkillXplore?

Enroll for Various Competitive Exam Preparatory Courses like – FE Exam’s, PE Exam’s in Singapore and Municipalities Engineering Exam’s in Middle East Countries.

Can I Set My Own Price as an Instructor?

Definitely, you will have a complete flexibility to set your own teaching price as per the given standards and change the same periodically at SkillXplore.

What is the Commission Policy on SkillXplore?

Earn Money Every Time a Student Purchases Your Course.Commission [70/30 Sharing Policy] [70 = Faculty 30 = SkillXplore]

Will I be given any training to conduct these online Courses?

Yes, trainings are integral part of the on-boarding process for every new Teacher / Instructor’s at SkillXplore. Our Support team is always available for helping teachers / Instructor’s with anything and everything they need.

Will I receive technical support if I face any issues during my sessions?

Definitely. We at SkillXplore are extremely sensitive about the wholesome experience of learning and teaching. Hence, Our Support Teams are always available for immediate resolutions to any issues you face.

What is the frequency of payouts for Teachers / Instructor’s?

Payouts are done on monthly basis. All payouts are released before 5th of every month to our Teachers / Instructor’s. Get Payment either through PayPal or Account. Choice is Your’s.

Hi, How can i help you?

Our customer support team is here to answer your questions.

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